B.Sc Bio Subjects

Biotechnology is a three-year full-time undergraduate program that includes Biology and Technology, introducing students to its diverse applications in a variety of fields. Passing the 10+2 examination in science or any similar test in three fields from physics, chemistry, School Analytics, biology, information technology, or mathematics with a 50 per cent cumulative grade is required for this program. 

Biological chemistry, microbiology, molecular biology, genetics, analytical techniques, bioinformatics, computer programming, and other areas that provide guidance with a thorough understanding of biology and computer science are all covered under the B.Sc Biotechnology syllabus

This course examines the cellular and biomolecular processes involved in the development of a wide range of technologies and products that help people live better lives and be healthier. This course’s sole purpose is to provide students with advanced biological process knowledge that can be applied in industrial and other settings.

The focus of B.Sc Biotechnology topics is the study of living creatures or biological systems, as well as the application of selected sophisticated technology to those studies. The program’s goal is to train professionals who will be able to improve people’s lives and the health of the world.