CBCS full form

CBCS stands for Choice-Based Credit System. It is a flexible and student-centered approach to higher education in India. The system was introduced by the University Grants Commission (UGC) in India to promote a more learner-friendly approach to education and to allow students greater control over their academic programs.

Under the CBCS, students have the flexibility to choose courses from a range of disciplines, rather than being confined to a set curriculum. This allows them to customize their programs based on their interests, career goals, and individual strengths. The CBCS also encourages interdisciplinary learning, as students are able to choose courses from different departments and faculties, providing them with a more diverse and well-rounded education.

The CBCS system is also designed to promote student mobility, as it allows students to transfer credits from one institution to another, making it easier for them to pursue further education or employment opportunities.

The CBCS is implemented through the use of credit points, which are awarded for the successful completion of courses. Students are required to earn a certain number of credit points in order to complete their programs, and they have the flexibility to choose courses that are most relevant to their academic and career goals.

In addition to its flexible structure, the CBCS is also designed to promote continuous assessment and evaluation, which is considered to be more fair and accurate than traditional examination-based systems. Under the CBCS, students are evaluated throughout their courses, rather than just at the end, and the evaluation process takes into account a variety of factors, including attendance, class participation, and project work. Know about School Analytics.