Cognitive Skills

Cognitive skills are the skills that our brain uses to think, read, learn, remember, reason, and pay attention. They play an important role in processing new information as these skills help us to grasp, retain and use the information in different situations. 

Let us explore the different types of  Cognitive skills:

Memory/Long Term: It enables us to recall stored information. A person with weak memory skills tends to: forget names,  and perform poorly on tests.

Working Memory/Short Term enables us to process the information while using it. A person with poor skills has problems with following directions and following multi-step directions.

Logic and Reasoning: This enables us to reason, form ideas, and solve problems. A person with weak logic and reasoning struggles with maths feels stuck and is unable to take decisions. 

Auditory Processing: Enables us to analyze, blend and segment sounds. If this skill is weak then reading fluency and comprehension are affected.

Visual Processing: Enables us to think in visual images. Weak visual skills reduce understanding of the read text, reading maps, or doing word math problems. Processing speed enables us to perform tasks accurately and quickly. learn more about School Management System.