Condonation Fee in Colleges

It is a fee usually levied by the college administration when the students don’t have the requisite attendance for a semester and hence can miss their exams. By paying this fee the student is eligible to appear for the exam. Most colleges in India require a minimum attendance of 75% in all semesters and this rule is followed strictly.

Why strictness on attendance?

Colleges and even School Analytics rely heavily on attendance as the students need to follow a strict schedule and adhere to it. When going to college or school regularly learning occurs continuously and students can learn systematically.

When is the condonation fee used?

This fee is used sparingly and only in medical emergencies. This is done per the rules and the cause is approved by the university. The student with less attendance is required to get his case approved by the university, pay a fee, and then only he is allowed to sit for the examination

The universities must maintain a strict vigil to ascertain that this rule is not misused by repeat offenders and only candidates with causes that hold merit avail of this option.