A doubt-clearing session saves a lot of time for a student by providing clarity on concepts, formulas, and so on. It is a great way to learn different problem-solving methods, shortcuts, and tricks for approaching a specific question. Furthermore, expert tutors advise students on effective methods of memorizing as well as book recommendations on the subject. 

Doubt-clearing sessions can come in handy as it boosts the knowledge and creativity of a student. When asked questions, it means a student has identified a gap in their understanding of a concept. It also implies that the student is conducting self-analysis and assessing their own knowledge base. As a result, asking questions and resolving doubts foster critical thinking. This way one can improve their abilities to absorb, process, apply, School Management System, and analyze knowledge. 

All doubt-clearing sessions are very engaging, as there is two-way communication, that is between the teacher and the student. If a student asks questions, it helps the tutor evaluate his level of understanding of concepts while also clarifying them for him. Hence, it improves the student-teacher relationship. As a result, as more questions are asked, the teacher can assess the student’s progress better. This, in turn, allows the teacher to better organize their future classes.