Exam Schedule

The exam schedule or timetable is a scheduled examination schedule that specifies the subject, date, and day of the examination. Timetables are designed in such a way that students have a reasonable amount of time to prepare.

Exam schedules can increase productivity among students. Students can better prepare for exams if they have accurate information about exam dates. Having a decent plan in place allows them to develop effective study strategies. They can, for example, divide their entire syllabus into small portions It allows them to memorize the facts more efficiently and avoids last-minute cramming. Furthermore, a planner assists students in avoiding procrastination and increasing productivity. 

When students have advance notice of exam dates, School Analytics, they can begin planning and studying accordingly. They can start studying a few weeks before the exams to ensure that they cover all topics thoroughly. They are more likely to remember the facts if they have more time to revise the concepts, which can further result in students scoring better marks in their subjects.