Father of English

The language English has world prominence. But do you know who is called the father of English? Geoffrey Chaucer is known as the “Father of the English Language” for his contributions to forming the English language. He was a writer, poet, and diplomat born in London. 

English has become a global language for communication. The language is essential for those entering higher education and advancing in their careers after graduation. This is particularly true for international students who want to study in another country. There are numerous reasons for an international student to participate in an English course. Most courses cover the four most fundamental aspects of English: reading, writing, talking, School Analytics, and listening, and will help students gain confidence in their ability to use English in everyday situations, at work, or when studying in the future.

Given the language’s prominence, if you work for a multinational corporation and want to teach communication skills to specialists or other professionals in their industry, this is the language to use. The majority of the websites are provided in English to assist you in broadening your knowledge while studying and researching for later life. As a result, exhibiting this exceptional skill can help you stand out from the crowd and strengthen your resume. When students work in large corporations, they will be required to speak exclusively in English. If students have a weak command of the English language and wish to enhance their skills, they can enrol in one of the many online courses accessible.