Full form of PTM

Parent-teacher conferences are an important part of the school curriculum. The goal is for parents and teachers to interact closely with their children’s progress and to find workable solutions to problems that may arise in their child’s development. The school holds special Parent Teacher Meetings for classes X and XII. All parents are required to attend the Parent-Teacher Meeting. If the parent is unable to attend, written notification should be provided. Suppose their child is not making the expected progress. In that case, parents are encouraged to contact the Principal, Vice Principal, Headteacher, Class Teacher, or subject teacher to discuss possible remedial measures. Such meetings, however, will be scheduled through the Principal’s office, and parents should not communicate directly with the teachers in their classrooms.

The Parent’s Role:

·       Parents should make certain that their children bring their school diaries to school every day.

·       The details of their child in the first two pages should be filled out completely as soon as the Diary is purchased.

·       Parents should ensure that their children complete their daily assignments. If the class teacher or subject teacher sends a note, they should read it and sign it.

·       The diary also allows parents to communicate with the teacher. Special pages for the purposes above are provided to be used as needed.