How To Learn Online

The traditional face-to-face learning model has been challenged in the past few years by the online mode of learning. High-quality resources from prominent educational institutions and qualified faculties are available at the tip of a finger. 

Many of them are available for free access to students, while many others are priced. Even after pricing these courses or subject matter, the overall cost of learning has reduced substantially. Students don’t have to travel a large distance for studies or pay huge accommodation costs to stay in a foreign country. 

A few platforms that have encouraged online learning are- 

1. Coursera– The platform offers courses in various domains to more than 85 million learners worldwide. 

2. eduTinkerLearning Management system, school management system, and analytics provide a single platform for schools and other stakeholders involved.

3. LinkedIn Learning– The platform hosts many courses and certifications by experienced faculties for professional growth

4. Skillshare– It offers skill-based classes from creators worldwide to creative people to develop their overall skill set.

Students have the opportunity to learn and grow through these online modes of education from the comforts of their place, and it further saves them time and cost of travel. Healthy online learning must be encouraged to make the best out of every platform. Students should not pressure themselves into courses or certifications after being influenced by others. 

Online learning also offers good networking opportunities with peers and instructors from around the globe. The journey of taking an online course is unique to every individual, and maximum absorption of knowledge must be the focus of every student for efficient online learning.