Importance of Physical Education

Regular physical activity can improve cardiorespiratory fitness, bone and muscle strength, weight control, anxiety and depression symptoms, risk of developing health conditions, Admission Management, and promote overall mental health. The importance of physical education is due to the following reasons:

  1. Physical development of a child at its best
  2. Intellectual growth
  3. Emotional maturation
  4. Social advancement
  5. Personal advancement
  6. Character development
  7. Physical stamina
  8. Neuromuscular advancement

Physical education, with its arts integrated, will prepare young children for the future, and this will invariably lead to them adopting fitness as a lifelong attitude. This fitness program can assist them in developing skills such as collaboration, self-initiative, teamwork, and responsibility. Physical education aims to teach and develop fundamental key skills such as walking, running, and catching. Jumping to stay fit.