Journal of Educational Research

The Journal of Educational Research (JER) is a peer-reviewed academic publication that focuses on the latest research and trends in the field of education. JER is dedicated to the dissemination of empirical research studies and theoretical articles that contribute to the knowledge base of education.

The scope of JER covers a wide range of topics in education, including:

  1. Curriculum and Instruction
  2. Assessment and Evaluation
  3. Pedagogy and Teaching
  4. Learning and Development
  5. School Reform and Leadership
  6. Technology in Education
  7. Diversity and Inclusiveness in Education

JER is a highly respected journal in the field of education, and it is widely read by scholars, educators, and policy makers who are interested in staying up-to-date with the latest developments in the field. The journal is published on a regular basis and its articles are available online and in print.

Overall, JER provides a valuable resource for anyone interested in the field of education, as it provides a platform for researchers to share their findings and insights with a wider audience, and it helps to advance the field of education by promoting the development and dissemination of new knowledge. Read More about School Management System.