National Mathematics Day

Since ancient times, mathematics has possessed great importance in society. It is counted as the pillar of science and technology and has been in play for hundreds of years. The advancement in human civilization has been attributed to this subject. Various modern courses, such as numerology, has been originated from mathematics. Additionally, the credit for this subject belongs to Mr Srinivasa Ramanujan. On this birthday, 22nd December, National Mathematics Day is celebrated to pay tribute.  The theory of numbers developed by him is an asset today, based on permutation and infinite series, and he also developed combination and probability. The great mathematician also developed various other interesting and renowned mathematics topics, such as the logic of mathematical analysis and the Law of Averages. 

The mathematics day celebration’s main aim is to make people aware of the significance of numbers in life. According to the founder of math, ‘Numbers do speak.’ On this day, various schools and educational institutes organize training and camps for students and teachers to enrich their mathematical skills and introduce them to its history. Also, the National Academy of Science tribute to the Nati Mathematics Day with a two-day workshop where great Indian mathematicians like Brahmagupta and Aryabhata were discussed and how they contributed to its development.  learn more about Admission Management.