NCTE in Education

NCTE, also known as National Council for Teacher Education, is a body responsible for regulating the teacher education system in India. It lays out the standards and norms for various courses related to teaching and is also responsible for holding examinations of such courses. The council was formed in 1953 and has been working since to improve the teaching quality of teachers in India.

The importance of NCTE can be assumed by the fact that this council is the only one in Asia. It has played a pivotal role in shaping the teaching industry of our country, and the impact can be seen particularly in our education system today.

Benefits of NCTE

·   Teachers who graduate from the institutions of NCTE are more competent and skilled. It is because these institutions require teachers to meet a certain standard of teaching or education set by the council.

·   The council also provides NET (National Eligibility Tests) for the teachers. This test is compulsory for teachers if they want to teach in any government school or college in India.·   NCTE also offers accreditation to teacher education institutions. It is referred to as the mark of quality and ensures that the institution is at par with the standards. learn more about Learning Management System.