NIIT full form

The full form of NIIT is the National Institute of Knowledge Technology. NIIT may be a multinational education-oriented organisation focused on information and technology, and its headquarters is in Gurgaon, India. It’s primarily known for its IT training but also offers corporate IT solutions. It’s among India’s top providers of computer education.

 It also offers training for IT certification, including CCNA & NET certification, Java certification., etc. NIIT is listed in India on the NSE (National securities market) & BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange).

A brief history of NIIT

·   NIIT was founded in 1981 by IIT Delhi graduates Rajendra S. Pawar & Vijay K. Thadani with 1,000,000 rupees. For the primary time, NIIT developed a franchise model for IT education, founding nine centres by 1987.

·   NIIT started its journey into the software field in 1986, starting with product Delivery under the label Insoft.

·   The business was reorganised in 2004 into two categories called NIIT Limited and NIIT Technologies.

·   Baring Private Equity Asia acquired a management stake in NIIT Technologies Ltd in May 2019.

NIIT acronym means the National Institute of Knowledge Technology. It’s a popular term across the common public and is usually used. NIIT pursues 3 main lines of business: corporate learning group, Business associated with skills & careers, and Mind Champion Learning Systems Limited.