Notebooks in Education System

As we all have observed what the pandemic did to our education system, remote or hybrid learning is prevailing, where students tend to spend hours on iPads and Chromebooks, which is overwhelming for parents. Fortunately, Learning Management System, technology has allowed online learning, but excessive screen time has disastrous effects.

Paper notebooks are still essential to reclaim the throne of textbooks in education, taking away students’ attention from screens. Besides, they also offer various educational benefits such as.

·   Using a notebook will compel students to become more organized and present their notes. Various apps help you to make notes, but using notebooks will bring more responsibility to the students.

·   Students using devices tend to lose concentration when notifications drag them to other websites. Messages, updates, and calls distract your temptation to study. Moreover, authentic learning requires deep and uninterrupted concentration. On the other hand, paper notebooks somewhat solve the problem of concentration crisis.·   Taking notes by hand aids retention of information and boosts learning. Students engaged in longhand remember more and have a deeper understanding of the material. Also, these are much needed at a higher level of education, where students might not be allowed to use electronic devices in the classrooms.