OER full form

OER (Online Educational Resources) refers to free resources available on the Internet that can be used for educational and research purposes. These are digital resources that typically include books, course readings, and other educational content such as quizzes, simulations, and games. The content of the online educational resource is released under an open license. These resources are usually collected from individuals or educational institutions that make course materials publicly or freely available. Some of them are only available in their original form. In other cases, it can be distributed and improved but requires some kind of permission. In 2002, MIT launched the Open Courseware Project, which is now one of the longest-running OER programs with approximately 2,000 MIT courses. We have also seen many similar OER initiatives over time, such as Lumen Learning, Khan Academy and others. By providing students, professors, and faculty with new access to such unused educational materials, OER has the potential to foster innovation for effective instruction. With so many open educational resources available on the Internet, users can browse through a long list of resources to find the one that best suits their needs. These resources will only increase over time. OER has opened up a platform that enables a new way of teaching. learn more Admission Management