Open Book Examination

An open book examination is a type of examination in which students are permitted to take help either from memory aid, class notes, textbooks, or other official material while answering questions. An open-book test permits the student to access textbooks and all of their notes while taking the examination.

It may seem more than just traditional learning. It tests students’ aptitude to rapidly find applicable information and then to recognize, analyze and apply information while thinking critically. Having access to a textbook may stop them from giving a wrong answer if they cannot recall a fact or formula, but just getting the fact right will not raise them good marks. How they trace, apply, and use data is more significant.

Types of Open Book Exams

1. Old-style school sitting / limited-time exams, with changing degrees of access to resources and references.

2. Take books home and give exams at your home. Question papers are handed out, answers have to be answered without any help from others, Digital Content, and the exam is returned within a stated period of time.

How to prepare for an open-book examination?

1. Understanding expectations

2. Prepare notes for last-minute study

3. Review the course objective and theme

4. Practise

5. Make a systematized planning