PCM Full Form

Physics, chemistry, and Maths (PCM) are the foundational subjects that form the basics of science. They are very important subjects for those students who want to pursue science in their coming careers. The three subjects, also known as PCM, are important for engineering courses along with many other science courses throughout the world. As per AICTE (All India Council for technical education), the three subjects are important in engineering, and it is not mandatory for the state government to offer these courses to students who have not studied them in class 12. 

The subjects of PCM are a total craze among students and parents who want their children to get into top engineering colleges in India and on higher packages. However, the study of PCM also enhances the student’s reasoning ability, and curiosity to understand what is happening around them through the usage of science, developing rationality, and making great innovations in society. There are many technical courses in India where the study of PCM is mandatory, for example, agricultural engineering or agricultural technology. The inclusion of PCM in course design must be ensured for students from a budding age as it develops logic and reasoning within them. learn more about Learning Management System.