Scaffolding Meaning

Scaffolding is a term that refers to a variety of instructional approaches that are used to help pupils proceed from a basic understanding to more freedom in the learning process. Teachers must give pupils successive degrees of temporary support and assist them in reaching more significant levels of comprehension.

To comprehend a student’s growth mentality, most teachers employ scaffolding to a greater or lesser extent in their teaching. 

Scaffolding is a term that refers to a multitude of tactics and lesson adjustments used by a professor or educator. Even without the assistance of a teacher, they will be able to learn a lot of techniques. 

The following are the features of scaffolding:

  • A curriculum has to be set and specific goals are to be shared. The burden of completing the curriculum should not annoy either the students or the teacher. 
  • Instant helps from the instructors so that the goals are completed efficiently. Besides, the help should be related to the doubts of the learner and not anything else. Learners must try to accomplish the feat themselves
  • The goal should be taken on a wholesome basis, and not topic based.

The method is frequently used to close the learning gap. It is a necessary component of effective teaching. The kids are required to work independently. Even though assistance has to be provided, it has not to be based on anything apart from genuine need. learn more about School Management System.