Scholarship of Teaching and Learning is conducting original teaching and learning research via production. In this method, teaching and literature are used to improve one’s own learning method

The method is an overlap between the teaching and research work. Experimentation, inquiry, and distribution of results are all activities linked with teaching, Learning Management System, and learning scholarship. These actions must be carried out by all academic disciplines, regardless of the subject of education.

As per Indiana University, there are a few criteria that have to be met to be considered “Scholarship of Teaching and Learning”-

  1. It has to be about teaching and learning
  2. One has to be rigorous in their approach
  3. Feedback has to be taken seriously and incorporated into the learning
  4. Understand the goals you have to reach and maximise the learning process
  5. Critical reflections are necessary

SOTL’s primary goal is to improve the quality of education and the learning process for students.

The learners are expected to learn more from activities, assessments, and meta-analyses. If the strategy employed by a person is successful, they can easily publish their practical work.