Science Stream

The science streams consist of mainly two branches, one is the non-medical branch which comprises Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics, and the other one is the medical branch, consisting of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Mathematics is generally chosen by students who aim for Engineering or Architecture. 

This stream encircles both scientific concepts as well as practical concepts. It is a subject that not only deals with the in-depth studies of Physics, Chemistry, School Analytics, and Biology but also gives students the capability to solve brainstorming and analytical problems. It also helps us in understanding the impact of artificial and natural processes in the world. Bioinformatics, Dental Science, Computer Science, Pharmaceuticals, and Biotechnology are some of the career paths that one can go for after choosing science. 

One of the best advantages of choosing science is that a student will have the eligibility to then shift to any other stream after that, such as Business Management, Journalism, and even Law. The same advantage is, however, not provided to students opting for Commerce or Arts.  

Science can appear scary initially, but once, a student shows interest in the subject, he or she would be able to grow a great affinity towards this subject. By studying science, one does not only grow their knowledge but at the same time, they can provide new inventions to mankind.