Pentab Uses in education

One may communicate with students from the comfort of home thanks to online teaching, which has swiftly established itself as the new standard. But it also has its own difficulties. Through a webcam, it can be challenging to teach and clarify challenging mathematical problems, scientific concepts, and biological pictures to your students. Simply said, the “mouse” cannot provide the same dexterity as a marker pen and a whiteboard. 

When teaching online, one solution to this issue is to record the whiteboard. But because of the poor lighting or camera angle, the whiteboard could not be readable you might also use a pencil and paper, but then your hands can get in the way and the text might not be readable. For online education, adopting a digital writing pad which links to the laptop is the best option. It functions like a digital whiteboard and enables you to take notes, make diagrams, and explain things to pupils in a natural way. This promotes active Learning Management System.

While buying pen tabs, one should check the compatibility with the windows and computer. It should provide both wired and wireless connectivity and is easy to set up without any lengthy procedure. The pen tabs should be sturdy and scratch resistant.