Student Module

Student module assists schools in centralizing information about a student’s admission, background, family, health, School Analytics, and attendance. The module also assists institutes in managing admission queries and filtering out students based on merit. 

Some benefits of student modules are:

  • Learning continues if students are willing to accept change.

Because they are open-minded, more students benefit from the modules. They are those who are open to new experiences and are adaptable enough to learn from them. The entire pandemic is a challenge for them to continue learning from the modules.

  • Parents are aware of their importance in education.

This is when parents realize that teaching is never easy. They tend to absorb the feeling that they have to teach now that the pandemic has spread. Those parents who recognize this are also optimistic and adaptable. They place no blame on the teachers for this.

  • Students learn to appreciate their time.

Students will learn time management and planning. Many students these days find it rewarding to manage their time while completing modules.