Teacher App

The teacher app is very profitable in all aspects for all teachers. This app makes the working of teachers very easy by lessening the workload on regular activities like marking attendance, creating assignments, scheduling exams, and many other daily tasks. The teacher app helps to cut down on paperwork and make working trouble-free and automatic, School Analytics, which in return, assists the teacher in paying more attention to students. Now, as time gets saved, the teacher has ample time to listen to every student’s doubts.

Features of the teacher app:

Benefits of using the teacher app:

  • Marking is automatic with student attendance, and zero paperwork is involved
  • It keeps a close look on teacher attendance and manages events and holidays
  • A close look at the day-to-day schedule, teaching, and class timings with ease
  • Stay updated with events and announcements
  • Make a note of important things with the to-do-list