7 Ways to Improve Teacher Productivity in Classroom

improve teacher productivity

The world of education is rapidly changing with the constant evolution of educators’ technology, thus affecting the traditional method of teaching. Quality teaching and student learning are directly connected. They both form two sides of a triangle. The third side of the triangle is often unnoticed but plays an integral part in teaching quality and student learning. A teacher solely handles piles of paperwork, daily attendance, evaluation of students, designing assignments, assigning homework, scheduling exams, preparing parent-teacher meetings, the announcement of results, and many more things apart from teaching. Handling all this work efficiently and on time sometimes becomes quite exhausting and thus affects teacher productivity in the classroom.

Do you connect yourself with all the above work as a teacher? Do you feel like you need to improve teaching productivity? Many teachers get stressed with the huge workload they face every day. All these to-dos can pile up and gradually become more in number. But if you know some simple teaching strategies that help you to convert your traditional classroom into a productive classroom. This article is for you if you’re also taking your work home to lessen your burden in school.

1. Split your tasks

Teachers are constantly pulled one way and then another to manage various tasks. Many things need to be done on the school premises, but there is not enough time to do them. The key to solving this and increasing your productivity is splitting your tasks up for a day so that you can focus on one thing at a time. You can fix your tasks according to priority.

2. Early planning

Setting out your plans early to avoid any hassle at the last moment is a very important step in being productive. By having an idea, of what you want to attain in each class, you’ll have a good sense of what actions you have to take and when you want to take them. It will help you to stay on track and avoid getting side-tracked. Don’t try to achieve too much in a single go—you’ll only end up unsatisfied and overwhelmed.

3. Make your class interesting

Make your classroom teaching stand out by making an exciting lesson plan for the same traditional subjects. For example, storytelling is a decent way to keep the child’s attention in the chapter; if possible, offer your students various methods of learning – pre-schoolers have evolving brains, and helping them in the decision-making procedure can help them at the end of the day. Especially when students are joining the preschool after a long gap, you have to think out of the box.

4. Get systematized

Older teachers are very familiar with systematized study patterns, but it happens repeatedly. Most teachers are much organized, but even the most fastidious teachers can get panicked once classes start to gather. Don’t worry, as there are no complex rules when it comes to getting organized, just do what suits you and your students best. Preparing everything in advance eases your worry during class. It provides a sense of control and mastery, which in turn boosts your confidence in the classroom.

5. Go for an individual tactic

Try to set up chat rooms for students so that communication gets built up with one another and with you. Getting familiar with your students helps you gain an understanding of their needs and you can help them in the best way possible. If any one of the students, for example, seems to be involved in coding, you can provide many kid-friendly coding web resources available online. Boosting your productivity as a teacher helps you to utilize most of your time, which permits you to give your students the care they need to succeed.

6. Latest Technology

You are making the most of the technology tools available to you to be as productive as you can. This not only makes your life relaxed but also makes your students’ learning experience more appropriate. It’s unlikely that your students will require much help using those tools at first, but it’s preferable to go over them at the beginning. Knowing the technology available to you and using it in your classroom can make your life easier, and thus you can give a productive and effective classroom.

7. Work-life balance

Always remember that your job mustn’t consume all your life. Learn to balance work with your family responsibilities. When you hover both efficiently, you’ll notice that you’re now able to have more fun with your students and have a productive lesson. Teachers can do this with the help of Edutinker’s software. Our app simplifies day-to-day responsibilities and boosts pupils’ learning experiences. Following the above-outlined tips, you can make a productive plan that works for you and your students.

Final Thoughts

Schools have begun to integrate many management software to help their teachers in promoting their efficiency and focus more on their essential teaching activities. Explore the future of management of Edutinker’s management apps with extraordinary features that help to streamline fee collections, virtual teaching, onboarding procedure, and much more. The attendance tracking app of our system helps streamline attendance tracking processes well, thereby assisting all teachers to focus on teaching lessons. To improve teacher productivity in classrooms, connect with us today at our website,