Teaching Aids and its benefits

Learning depends upon the availability of different types of equipment in a classroom. It can be audio, audio-visual, and visual, which teachers often use to teach in a classroom. As today’s education system has emerged into technology and science, teaching-learning programs are greatly affected by it. The teaching-learning process is now dependent on the equipment available in a class. Though traditional learning does not encompass teaching aids, modern learning requires teachers to use these aids. Every individual tends to forget, but with proper teaching aids, School Analytics, students can retain the concept permanently. Moreover, they help in learning better, which motivates students as it develops a proper image in the student’s minds when they hear or see things. Teaching aids boost the conceptual thinking of the learners and create an interesting environment for them. Besides, they also prove to be a direct experience for the student and enhance the vocabulary.

Teaching aids are often classified into three types-

·   Visual aids-Here, the teachers use the sense of vision such as models, diagrams, pictures, bulletin boards, overhead projector, slides, chalkboards, charts, maps, etc.

·   Audio aids- The teacher uses a sense of hearing like radio, gramophone, tape recorder, etc.

·   Audio-visual aids- This involves both senses of hearing and vision, such as film projector, film strips, television, etc.