Teaching and its types

Students often get tired and bored with the same method of teaching used by their teachers in classrooms. Each lesson taught in the same pattern or learning method is quite boring. But with the combination of different teaching methods, the lesson becomes more unique, intriguing, and easy to understand. There are various kinds of teaching methods used, but these depend on several factors, School Analytics, such as-

·   The demographic features of the classroom

·   Educator’s educational or teaching philosophy

·   Area of the subject

·   Mission of the school

The term ‘teaching method’ usually refers to the general principles and management strategies used to instruct students in a classroom. The types of teaching methods include-

·   Teacher-centered- This is also known as sage on the stage. In this, the teacher serves as an authority to their students, where the latter receive lectures from the former.

·   Student-centered- Here, teachers and learners become part of the learning process and contribute equally.

·   High tech – The teacher uses various techniques to organize the learning process.

·   Low Tech- It is a more traditional way of learning that includes face-to-face interactions between the teacher and students. It is cheap and helps better focus on writing and spelling skills.