The traditional method of teaching

In traditional teaching methods, teachers are the controller of the class,  in which they teach and take complete responsibility for the training environment. The teacher has all of the duties and powers, and as the lecturer within the class, they serve as an instructor for the students as well as the decision maker for what to teach and how to teach. For teachers, students come to school to gain knowledge and information from their teachers. Teachers are the primary source of knowledge for students to learn from. However, for the time being, teaching methods have changed, but the main goal remains the same, which is “to teach”.

Teachers are responsible for instilling knowledge and upholding school-wide behaviour standards. 

Teachers ask students to repeat and memorize the topic of study and what they teach in the classroom in traditional teaching methods, and pupils recite the lesson one by one when their turn comes. Except for those who are reciting, the other kids listen and wait their turn. Traditional teaching methods are used in the classroom in such a way that students are rewarded for the effort they put in during periods of each subject. In the classroom, rules and regulations are enforced in such a way that student’s behaviour is kept in check. These rules and regulations were derived from established customs that schools had successfully used for many years. 

The education system is changing and introducing new teaching methods that take a completely different approach to learning, Learning Management System, and teaching. Everyone has knowledge, resources, and interests from which to build. Teachers play an important role in assisting students to engage their understanding, building on students’ understandings, correcting misconceptions, and observing and engaging with students during the learning process.