Timetable for REET 2022

When you will be able to study according to your timetable and complete each day’s targets, it’s going to enhance your self-belief and assist you to stay encouraged for longer. As it is one of the most essential RTET 2022 Preparation Tips, given below we’re providing a mock routine for you to use as a template for your REET Exam 2022 preparation routine. learn more about Learning Management System.

SubjectsNumber of hours/per dayWhat to study
Child Pedagogy1-2 hourMoral Development theory, Piaget Theory, learning, All Theories, All the nomenclature used in a particular theory, etc.
Mathematics2 hourNumber System, basic arithmetic problems & Math Pedagogy Concepts, etc.
Science/EVS1.5-2 hourPublic places and Institutions, Topics like Human Physiology, physics Concepts, Chemistry, and Rajasthan static GK, Rajasthan state & their culture, Subject pedagogy concepts, etc.
Social Studies1.5-2 hourTopics such as Constitutional Articles, Dynasties & Agriculture History & Geography up to 10th standard, etc.
English1.5 hourTopics like RC, Knowledge of English Sounds and Phonetic Symbols and Basic Pedagogy concepts, Poem Grammatical rules, etc.
Hindi1.5 hourA poem, Grammatical rules, Basic Pedagogy Concepts, Topics like RC, etc.