What is mass communication?

In education, mass communication can be referred to as a process of sending, creating, receiving, and analyzing a message to a large audience through verbal or written media. Mass communication is an extensive field that considers how and why the message is created and analyzes the medium used to send those messages. There is a wide range of mediums such as the internet, social media, print, digital media, television, radio, etc. Mass communication is multi-disciplinary in nature, which means it implements elements of relatable fields like health communication, integrated marketing communications, political communication, strategic communication, journalism, etc. For students who are interested in building a career in mass communication or studying at an academic level, there are a vast number of bachelor’s and master’s courses in this field offered by various institutions, colleges, and universities. Those who excel in mass communications use their knowledge of principles and strategic media practice to share, develop, Digital Content, and evaluate effective messages to a large targeted audience.