A yearbook is a type of publication that is created annually by a school, college, or university to document and commemorate the events, people, and experiences of the previous academic year. Yearbooks typically contain photographs of students, staff, and faculty, as well as images of campus events, athletic games, and other activities.

Yearbooks also often include class lists, lists of student organizations and clubs, and a section dedicated to graduating seniors. Many yearbooks also include quotes, artwork, and personal messages from students and staff, making them a valuable keepsake for years to come.

The creation of a yearbook is often a collaborative effort between students, teachers, and staff. Student journalists and photographers may take the lead in producing the book, with guidance and support from their advisors.

Yearbooks serve as a historical record of a school or college, and can be an important source of information for alumni, historians, and researchers. They are also a valuable memento for students and staff, who can use them to remember and reflect on their experiences and to connect with each other long after they have left the School Analytics .

In recent years, many schools have moved away from traditional print yearbooks and are instead producing online yearbooks or yearbook-style websites. These digital yearbooks often offer a wider range of multimedia content, including videos and interactive features, and can be easily accessed and shared by alumni and other members of the school community.