Ways to Maximize Efficiency Through Attendance Management System

Attendance management System

Is your school admin always getting it wrong with the leaves of your staff? Are some staff or students indulging in malpractices owing to loopholes in your manual attendance system? It is time to bring in technology with an automatic attendance management system. 

This modern system saves time and money, reduces human error and prevents frauds in the staff and student time recording system. The use of technology helps your admin in performing more efficiently.

Must have features in your attendance management system to improve efficiency 

These features help improve efficiency in day to day functioning of your school and minimise mistakes. 

  1. Tracking Leave Applications: The biggest headache of the admin is gathering leave applications of staff while calculating salaries for a month. Often sometimes they are missing and half-day leaves get recorded as a full day. A good attendance management system keeps track of applications of staff and students and gives the option to apply for full or half-day leaves.
  1. In and out Time: Personalised cards are used to punch in time and out time as well as break time. The cards prevent proxy clocking in and thus helps in keeping track of habitually late staff or students.
  1. Payroll Calculation: The integration of payroll in the attendance management system helps in efficiently calculating the payroll. It calculates exact working hours, and holidays and adjusts salaries according to it 
  1. Reporting Attendance: Reporting attendance every day is the key responsibility of the admin and it needs to be in a format which is shareable to all accountable parties.
  1. For students: It saves a lot of time in the class which the teacher spends calling out numbers and marking present 
  1. For Staff: It efficiently calculates the number of hours and overtime.
  1. Real-time tracking of attendance helps the admin to keep tabs on arrival and departure times, lunch breaks and vacation of students and staff members. This helps in overall attendance management.

While these are some must-have features in the attendance management system, some features are required to make it foolproof and proxy free.

  1. Biometric Attendance: By using unique fingerprints, it makes it virtually impossible for the staff or students to manipulate or do proxy attendance. It promotes discipline and punctuality. The fingerprints are unique for every individual and are an effective way to tackle the menace of proxy attendance. This leads to more efficient attendance management.
  1. Instant notification to admin/parents If there is a missed punching  by students then the immediate notification is sent to parents For the staff who forget to punch their cards after a break or leave in a hurry, an immediate notification is sent to the admin and the person is held accountable
  1. Unique Fingerprints for authentication: Since only authorised persons are allowed entry into the school using a valid I’d card and fingerprint impression, chances of unauthorised entry are greatly reduced. No visitors can gain entry into the school by giving proxy attendance.

This also helps in maintaining the security of the school and no unauthorised person or antisocial elements can gain entry into the school premises.

These are some of the features of the automatic attendance management system which are must-haves and improve the overall functioning of the school. However, with evolving technology and new software coming into use, you can make your attendance management system stand out

Technology is giving a way to help the school track and monitor its staff and students, it should also be helpful to the staff and students so that they are more compelled to use the system correctly. This is achieved by

  1. Availability on a Mobile App:If the attendance management system is available to the staff/parents on their mobile app
  1. For Staff, it helps them to monitor their in and out time and by getting alerts about missing punching their card while going out, they can raise it with the admin for proper attendance management
  1. It makes it very easy for parents to track their child’s attendance and see the check-in and check-out time. It ensures the safety and security of the child.
  1. Leave request: In an emergency, the staff can apply for leave and the reporting admin can approve the leave request immediately. For students also emergency leave applications can be approved by their class teachers.
  1. Tracking the attendance in different formats: Allowing the school to track the attendance of students and staff in different parameters and formats. Full day, half day, weekly, monthly and even subject-wise. Parents can keep track of their child’s attendance across all the areas and strive for better punctuality and discipline.
  1. Automatic Calculation of salaries: The biggest challenge for the school admin every time at the end of the month is calculating the salaries with perfection and minimum chances of error. The automatic attendance management system gives a total account of the leaves, half days, full days, overtime and number of working hours and days, and also the days where the punching time was not required. Since all the information is in marked places in a digital form, it becomes easier to calculate salaried and minimise human error.

In conclusion, nowadays more and more schools are adapting to the digital revolution and changing with the digital times. Having an automatic attendance management system not only makes parents tension free of their concerns regarding attendance but also provides security for the kids. For the staff, it helps in strengthening their trust in the school about the transparency in the salary structure. Other than this, the basic requirement of maintaining an attendance record is fully taken care of by the automatic attendance management system.