Why Should Schools Pay Attention to Data Privacy?

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 The educational and learning system is becoming increasingly digital over time. With the advent of digitalization, it is now possible to access study resources from any location. However, with these benefits comes the risk of personal information shared on such networks being misused. Your school data could be misused and exploited in a security breach, and the worry is real.

Consider how vulnerable student data may be if grades and other information were hacked and changed or what if a parent’s bank account is hacked? If not handled properly, this information can be compromised and misused. This might have serious ramifications. So, new-age schools need to pay attention to data protection to safeguard school databases from cybercrime and exploitation.

This blog will discuss data privacy, its breach, why data security should be paramount, and how to secure school data. 

What is Data Privacy?

Privacy refers to an individual’s/ organisation’s right to keep information private so that no one can view or use that information without authorization from the authorised party. Information or data is protected from cybercrime and exploitation via data security. Encryption of data in the cloud is one of the best ways to safeguard it, a feature that cloud service providers should offer. 

Many schools now use school management systems to capture and store student data and other important information on administration, academics, and other topics. For this purpose, a school management system that prioritises security and incorporates built-in security features is required.

What does a Security Breach Mean?

In school cases, a data breach refers to unauthorised access to data that leads to severe, unwanted consequences for school stakeholders. A security breach, for example, could result in a student’s residence address falling into the wrong hands, putting them at risk. Regardless of whether malice is intended, a student’s personal information must be protected. 

Educational and institutional websites must keep a lot of information about students and parents, and if that information is leaked, it might have a lot of ramifications.

Need for Data Privacy for Students

The majority of students are minors who are unaware of any entity or person attempting to gather information about them. Young children are trained to trust their elders, which could work against them if someone with malevolent intent steals vital information. 

As a result, it is the responsibility of schools and institutions to protect the privacy of kids entrusted to their care.

Types of Data Privacy Threats

Countless data circulates in the educational system, and every device connected to the school network, from cellphones to educational technology, is an access point. Each of them, in turn, has personal data that might be compromised, and protecting the privacy of those endpoints is extremely difficult. Some examples of data privacy threats are: 

  • Personal information of stakeholders: Names, addresses, photo ID, etc. 

  • Parents’ Records: Payment information, office addresses, email ids, etc. 

  • Student records: Disciplinary information, grades, test scores, medical history, conditions, etc

  • Third-party Information: Usernames, passwords, and metadata

How a School Management System Plays a Vital Role in Data Security

The school management software comes with inbuilt security elements and can secure school databases from potential vulnerabilities. The software has a cloud-based security feature to detect and neutralise any threat and guarantee information backup and recovery when required. 

Aside from assuring the safety and integrity of their student data, regulations create a more fair playing field for all stakeholders involved in some way with student data and how it is used. Due to their depth in Information Communication Technology (ICT), school management software solutions bring the same ideas to life through their effective execution.

Educational institutions must use the best school management software to implement national guidelines while also looking for novel ways to detect data theft in all formats and preserve improved data integrity.

How to Choose a Secure School Management Software for Your Institute

Before you install security software, there are a few things you should be aware of. Such as:

  • First, a software that contains methods to protect critical data. 

  • Second, the software must allow trusted individuals to gain access to it. 

  • Finally, keep an eye on the persons who have access to the software.

However, when improving your students’ information data security, an educational institution should start by selecting a trustworthy school management software with built-in security features and a dashboard. The dashboard lets one keep an eye on a large group of data that will alert school authorities in any event of irregularity. It can ensure: 

  • Individual privacy is protected.

  • Online school fees can be paid securely.

  • Unauthorized access to data is prevented.

  • Protects the privacy of students and teachers

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Exams always come with a sense of fear and anxiety; students have a lot of preconceived notions like what if the exam is challenging; what if they don’t remember the answers; what if they are not able to finish on time; It may sound minute, but this is the situation of most students. This stress controls them and eats away their mental space.

How can you help your students?

Help Them To Gain Control

One of the main reasons why students face exam stress and exam fear is because of the lack of control that they feel. One of the first things to do is to give them a sense of control. This can be done by allowing them to set feasible targets by asking them to develop their time-tables and self-assessment methods.

Inspire Them

Quite often, students lose hope. When the exams are nearing, a little nudge in the right direction can go a long way. Inspire and help them. The words of encouragement from teachers can make students confident and help in reducing exam stress.

Revision Calendar / Doubt Clearing Sessions

Students always have doubts and queries—schedule sessions where students can come with their doubts and get clearer ideas.

Calming Activities

Exam fear is inexorable. To subsist with exam stress and distract students from the chaos, teachers can conduct various fun activities. They can also meditate and do yoga in the classroom. This will help students to improve their focus.

Restore Belief in Them

“Manifest, and you are halfway there.” Most of the time, they think that they don’t stand a chance and failure is inevitable. Thoughts like these pollute their mental space and induce stress. Restore belief in your students by telling them your own stories, and make them aware that they are not alone.

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