Admission Management System- 5 Reasons Why Your School Needs It

admission management system


India currently has 200 million school-aged children, with 36.6 million graduating each year. Hence, there is no shortage of students seeking admission to universities and schools. However, the influx of student inquiries is putting a lot of strain on admissions departments.

An inefficient application process has resulted in a lack of follow-up and the loss of inquiries. An effective student admission system can automate and streamline the entire admissions process. As a result, both students and administrators benefit from complete transparency.

What is admission management software?

Admission management software allows educational institutions to undertake online/ offline  student admission and enrollment operations. The admission management system coordinates the documentation of student admission forms and the collection of fees for shortlisted candidates for online admission. 

The online Admission System is intended to automate the admission structure and its associated activities and functions at the academic institute. The software aims to assist the administration and admission-seeking candidates by providing a more efficient, transparent, and simple method of preserving records and referring to them in future proceedings. Long lineups for admission papers or application submissions will no longer exist. 

5 reasons why your school needs an Admission Management System:

Online Admission software has helped schools save man-hours and, as a result, additional  expenditures. Also, it allows students and parents to receive prompt notifications about admission, submit documents, and much more. Here are the reasons why your school should adopt an admission management system: 

Optimize Online Admission Inquiry

Pre-admission is the first step in the admissions process, and if all goes well, it converts the inquiry into an application. The admission rate will drop if an institution does not have a proper management mechanism in place to answer applicant queries. 

This can be made easier with an Admission Management System. It aids in the opening, closing, and reopening of inquiries, hence increasing the resolution rate.

Optimize Candidate/Guardian Experience:

Students can fill out the application form from the comfort of their homes through the online admission process. Candidates do not need to wait in line to obtain an application form or submit documents.

Parents can also pay admission fees through the admission management platform after their child’s acceptance into the school. 

Improves Communication

After applying for admission, students and their parents are eager to learn the status of their application. They must phone or even come to the institution for updates regularly, which is inconvenient for them.

Applicants can check their application status using features provided by the Admission Management System. Some education ERPs, such as eduTinker, feature an applicant portal that applicants can use at any time to monitor application status, upload and download documents, pay fees, and so forth.

Simplifies Payment Processing

Various types of payment processes are required during the admissions process, such as form fees, registration fees, and enrollment fees. Manual collection is prone to human error, as it is difficult to keep track of all payments. The manual collection is prone to human error, as it is difficult to keep track of all payments.

An Admission Management System can assist in streamlining payment processes, making them more accurate and efficient. Also, these systems are secure and provide ease of transaction. 

Optimize Reporting:

Reports are necessary for school management that establishes the foundation for future decisions. The key to efficient reporting is to retrieve data faster and more accurately. A sound school management system makes that possible.

Principals/ Administrators can access data related to admission on the platform itself, which gives them a bird’s eye view of admission trends and more. 


The most important goal of school management is to make sure that all of your people and resources are put to good use. Process optimization and automation would only benefit and enhance institutional effectiveness.

The eduTinker admission management system gives you best-in-class features like application forms submission, documentation, checking students eligibility, and much more. Integrations with reputable payment sources make it easy to pay application fees and admission fees online. 

Throughout the entire online application process, high-level security measures ensure that all data generated will stay protected from any threats. You can trust our online admission system to handle documents appropriately while keeping the applicants’ trust. 

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