Arts Stream Subjects

The arts stream contains the subject that deals with creative and critical thinking, learning about societies, history, and conditions that have existed in the past or are speculated to exist in the future. 

There are many arts stream subjects that are studied across the world. Some of the major art subjects that are well-known are history, geography, anthropology, sociology, home science, fashion studies, physical education, psychology, philosophy, literature of different languages, linguistics, School Analytics etc. There are different levels at which the arts stream can be pursued. Even though art streams are taught in primary and secondary schooling, some subjects are even incorporated in senior secondary, suggesting 10+1 and 10+2 levels. 

Apart from this, one can pursue a bachelor’s and master’s in different art subjects with varying domains. One can choose varied Career options like journalism translation, event management, teaching, archaeology, geologist, and much more. Arts subjects offer a student a good choice of careers too, especially as there are increasing programs for higher education, for studies in India or abroad. The emphasis on art has recently improved, and people are finding it more enticing to learn about the topic that concerns them daily.