Behaviour Intervention Plan for Students

This intervention plan is practised in school to mainly assess the behavioural pattern of students. Children might turn aggressive, may become violent or may become reserved and not participate in any activities all of a sudden. A proper assessment module needs to be in place to identify such sudden behaviours and properly mapped to know the underlying reason for the same. 

School Analytics nowadays employ health professionals and the teachers also undergo rigorous training and upskilling activities for the holistic development of children. Health professionals can guide the teachers on the possible behavioural problems children can develop suddenly.

How does it work?

This is, not a punishment program but rather a holistic approach to correcting a challenging behaviour. The teacher works with the parents, support staff, and other health professionals to correct the behaviour. First of all the identification is done and the situations which are eliciting a challenging response from the child. The response of the child can be conditioned by changing to a more positive environment, by changing the way of instruction and by counselling the child to react in a particular manner whenever encountering a situation that is not according to their liking. 

With proper support from parents, teachers, and supporting health professionals such negative and challenging behaviours can be eliminated with ease.