Close Reading of Passages

In the formative years, much emphasis is given to the comprehension skills of the children. To sharpen their skills, students are given passages to read and then answer questions related to the text at the end of the passage. 

Why is it Important?

When the students do a close reading of passages, they deal with the formation of sentence structure and the way, words are arranged to convey a meaningful sentence. Close reading a passage helps the students in the following ways:

  • They come to know the correct rules of syntax and sentence formation and inculcate them while writing and speaking


  • Helps in developing critical thinking, as there are questions to be answered at the end of the passage and students read the passage with a critical mind.
  • After reading the passage, the teacher also questions the students about the passage, further promoting discussion and analysis among the students.
  • Helps the students to acquire new concepts and add new vocabulary through reading passages. They also gain an idea of how to use new words in sentences and their meaning in context,

If not done properly, chances are children might reach higher classes or even university lacking in close reading skills. Hence, it is an important activity in the curriculum. learn more about School Analytics.