E-learning Platforms

E-learning or the online mode of learning is a virtual mode of learning that replaces the traditional form of face-to-face interaction. In this mode, students can learn virtually from anywhere on the globe with a good internet connection. Besides, students get a free hand to choose from a plethora of courses offered to them. In this manner, many platforms have come up with their e-learning techniques.

Famous E-learning platforms are-

  1. Coursera– provides multiple courses in various domains like IT, Business, Journalism, and Personal Development.
  2. LinkedIn Learning- helps in earning certification after successful course completion from real-time professionals.
  3. Udemy– provides on-demand business and technical courses for personal and professional development.
  4. Skillshare– takes one’s creative journey forward through skill-enhancing courses from creators around the world.

Educational institutions like School Analytics and colleges are also coming up with their resources so that students sitting in any part of the world can access the same. As the courses are pre-recorded, one can be available at their time of convenience for attending the same. 

The e-learning platforms also assist in making education more affordable and convenient. The accessibility is not limited to a particular group of people but to anyone who wishes to.