Educational Services

Educational services provide training or instruction-based learning on any subject to students or other individuals requiring it. Generally, educational establishments like schools or colleges offer the services. However, private and public-owned organisations may provide the same. The motive for their service can be based on profit or without profit. 

World Trade Organization(WTO) broadly categorises educational services into four parts- Primary Education Services, Secondary Education Services, Higher/Tertiary Education Services, and Adult Education. 

Many establishments also encourage educational services internationally through various programs like Student Exchange Programs, Bilateral academic agreements, and other global agency initiatives. Accreditation is another tool to maintain the quality of education services based on specific guidelines or values. 

Teachers or other qualified faculties provide instructions for educational services through the means of the Internet, physical classes, recreational activities, television, and distance learning method. They are provided at the workplace, in educational establishments, or sometimes at home. 

As education service is for public consumption, various governments are also preparing to provide them for a free or reasonable cost. It makes education more accessible to a wide variety of audiences. Quality educational service ensures that the future generation is skilled, knowledgeable, and well-versed.