Full form of MOOC and its meaning

Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) is a model used to deliver the learning content online to a person who wants to take a course without any limitation to attendance. It is also referred to as a free web-based distance learning program that is curated for a large number of students. MOOCs can be patterned or structured on a university or college course. Though they do not offer academic credits, they provide certification that enhances employment opportunities and further studies. MOOCs also help in career advancement and higher education, and many institutes have implemented MOOC post-pandemic.

MOOCs are online courses that a student can access online through the internet. Traditional class materials are available online: readings, problem sets, online quizzes, examinations, filmed or recorded video lectures, interaction with other students, and interactive learning modules. Typically, each MOOC contains a course platform and a course provider. A course provider can be a university that provides instructors and course materials. Platforms such as Coursera, School Analytics, Udemy, etc., are MOOCs that offer technological infrastructure for course modules, user access, and other learning modules. The provider of MOOCs are usually universities, but corporate entities can also offer these. Some top educational universities or institutes, such as Harvard, Stanford, etc., are the leading providers of online courses. Corporate entities like Accenture and Microsoft provide publicly available online courses.