Heuristic method of teaching

The term heuristic refers to problem-solving. The heuristic teaching method is based on the psychological principles of trial and error theory. Logical thinking and imagination are prerequisites for the heuristic teaching method type teaching strategy. The heuristic teaching method is a cheap and fast strategy. The heuristic method requires the student to be an independent discoverer. So there is no help or guidance from the teacher in this method. In this method, the teacher presents students with a problem and then steps aside while they figure out the answer. It develops the habit of questioning and investigating. among the students.

It develops the habit of self-learning and self-direction. Develop a scientific attitude in students by making them honest as they learn to make decisions through real experiments. This is a psychologically sound Learning Management System, as it is based on maximum learning through action. Form the habit of diligence in students. With this method, most of the work is done in the school, so teachers don’t have to worry about doing homework.