Jharkhand Academic Council and its functions

Jharkhand Academic Council is a state government agency which is responsible for academic administration in Jharkhand. JAC is amended to supervise government-recognized academic institutions.

 It was established by the government of Jharkhand on 7 February 2003, after the enactment of the Jharkhand Academic Council Act,2003. It was primarily constituted to conduct intermediate, secondary and madrasa-level examinations of the candidates registered with government-recognized institutions.

Dr Anil Kumar Mahato is its present Chairman.JAC’s headquarter is at Gyandeep Campus, Namkum Ranchi. The major functions of JAC are:

  • To grant permission for closing and opening intermediate colleges, School Analytics, and elementary and secondary level institutions under its jurisdiction.
  • To specify the syllabus and course of instruction.
  • Select textbooks for prescribed examinations.
  • To publish the results at school and higher secondary levels.
  • To grant diplomas certificates to eligible candidates.
  • To conduct an inspection of government-recognised institutions.
  • To cancel registration if the institute doesn’t meet the proper guidelines.
  • To supervise the institutions affiliated with it.
  • To recognize or de -recognize educational institutions at the secondary and higher secondary levels.

It maintains the overall administration of the colleges in the state and also keeps an eye on any malpractices being followed in the colleges. It regularly does inspections and regulates the quality of education being imparted in the institutions.