Learning by Teaching

Learning by teaching is a communicative learning strategy in which students prepare for presentations or lectures by gathering the necessary information. Then they educate their class on the same thing, which improves the children’s understanding. The learning-by-teaching technique seeks to improve students’ knowledge of certain study materials while making the classroom more engaging.

Children take on the responsibilities of teachers, which encourages them to take responsibility and improves their leadership abilities. Learning becomes more interactive and creative as students discover new ways to explain and teach the content. Learning by teaching allows students to develop their communication, presentation, and leadership abilities, which are essential in the current learning process.

This kind of learning also imparts life skills in addition to materialistic abilities. Students who begin learning by teaching accept responsibility for their learning, Learning Management System and, if necessary, teach their peers and juniors. This improves children’s intelligence and puts them ahead of their peers of the same age. Students are taught problem-solving techniques and encouraged to take a solution-oriented approach.

Every student has to be actively involved in this form of learning, which improves the children’s thinking abilities. Students remember what they teach since they have reviewed it several times before teaching. Learning may be made more enjoyable and innovative in this way, which will encourage students to pursue their studies.