NCC full form

In India, the NCC was founded in 1950. It was originally called the ‘University Corps,’ and it had been created to fill a void within the Army. The University Training Corps took over from the University Corps in 1920. The goal was to elevate the UTC’s standing. It was an important step in Indianizing the military. It had been renamed UOTC so the National Cadet Corps might be regarded as its successor. During warfare II, the UOTC never lived up to national aspirations. As a result, it was suggested that new systems be devised to train more young males. A committee advised that a national cadet organization be founded in schools and colleges. The Governor-General approved the Soldier Youth Foundation Act. The Soldier Youth Foundation was established in July 1950.

The Girls Division was created in 1949. The Air Wing was created in 1950, while the Naval Wing was added in 1952. The NCC curriculum was expanded within the same year to include community service activities as a part of the NCC curriculum. Following the Sino-Indian War in 1962, NCC training became mandatory in 1963. Furthermore, the Corps was deemed voluntary yet again in 1968. NCC cadets served because the second line of defence throughout the 1965 and 1971 wars. The NCC founded camps to assist ordnance factories supply weaponry and ammunition to the front lines. NCC patrol parties were utilized to catch enemy paratroopers. learn more about Learning Management System.