Pedagogy is defined as the “art, science, or profession of teaching” by Merriam-Webster. This wide term encompasses many facets of education, and pedagogy has numerous moving elements, such as instructional methods, criticism, and evaluation. The study of various teaching techniques is what the name “pedagogy” essentially means.

Typically, each educator uses a different pedagogical strategy to teach and learn in the classroom. They must, however, also take into account the most efficient methods for material delivery and mastery assessment based on the requirements of each particular student.

Teaching pedagogy, or methods of instruction, can take a low-tech or high-tech approach and can either be teacher- or student-centred. In a teacher-centred learning environment, Learning Management System, the teacher lectures and teaches students directly. Here, the emphasis is on the teacher’s knowledge and how to impart it to the students. As a result, teacher-centred tests are designed for students to demonstrate their retention of that information at the conclusion of a unit.

Instead, student-centred learning encourages them to take an active role in their education. The instructor still imparts knowledge, but their function as a learning facilitator shifts more toward coaching or mentoring. Formative assessments, which are provided more regularly to students to gauge their learning progress, can