Have you just heard of plagiarism? This article is all about what is plagiarism and the ways to avoid plagiarism you are most likely to encounter.

When you use someone else’s words or ideas without crediting the source and pass them off as your own is known as plagiarism. It is like eating someone’s cheese without permission, and then pretending you did not. It is okay to use others’ words and ideas in your document but you have to mention them as a reference. Committing plagiarism might save you time for a short while but it comes at a high price. 

Nowadays, students have a habit to copy down the content from websites as it is in their assignments and presenting that to their faculties without mentioning the source. Depending on the institution’s rules, you might fail your course or even get suspended. Understanding the concept on which you are writing is the greatest way to avoid plagiarism. learn more about Learning Management System.

Ways to avoid plagiarism in your work

Plagiarism is not always done with the intention of taking someone else’s material. Sometimes, Plagiarism can be the result of a lack of planning, a few hurried decisions, and bad research. To create the original content you can follow these tips.

  • Start the proper research on the topic as early as possible.
  • Make a detailed outline and focus on pinpointing your own thoughts.
  • If you are planning to insert the author’s ideas in your copy paraphrase them in a more appropriate tone.
  • Use an online plagiarism checker tool before submitting your work.