Teaching learning process

It is a combined process where a teacher determines specific learning objectives, develops teaching and memorization tactics, implements a work schedule, and evaluates the effectiveness of the instruction. Teaching is the act of paying attention to the needs, experiences, and feelings of others and intervening so that they learn particular things. Making learning useful and meaningful is education’s main goal. Teaching would result in the completion of this process.

As a result, the processes are almost related. One person instructs or counsels another using the teaching approach. The teaching and learning process has a critical role in shaping teenagers into better citizens of the country since, once they reach adulthood, they will govern society. This procedure serves as an example of the point of contact through which the person works to acquire the approaches, abilities, competence, attitude, integrity, and appreciation necessary to thrive in the information age. In order to induce changes in behavioural structures via occurrence, the teaching- Learning Management System process is used.