Technical trainers and their skills

A technical trainer usually designs, develops, implements, and evaluates the technical training programs to teach their trainees. They prepare course outlines, lesson plans, assignments, schedules, and exams which help the trainees understand the concept of learning. Moreover, the main objective and skills that a technical person needs to learn are identified by a technical trainer. They also help explain key concepts and principles, create assignments, hands-on activities, School Management System etc., allowing students to develop theoretical and practical skills. Trainers also work closely with internal team members and stakeholders to develop content and goals. They establish standard metrics for determining participant performance and course outcomes.

Technical trainer typically possesses a bachelor’s degree in their field of expertise, but an advanced degree in a similar or other field is an asset for them and the company they work for. They must have the required experience in developing and leading training programs or teaching. Also, they must be able to handle complex or technical material and make it interesting and engaging for the participants.

The common skills required from a technical trainer are-

·   Proven or prior experience as a technical trainer

·   Experience in designing and developing technical course content with the other team members

·   Knowledge of modern and innovative training techniques and tools in the subject matter or area of expertise

·   Working knowledge of MS Office

·   Outstanding communication skills and must be extrovert or open to speaking in public places or crowds

·   Excellent time-management and organizational abilities

·   Relevant degree in the technical field