TET Result 2022: Applicability

Every year, lakhs of candidates from special elements of the country appear for TETs with the aim to achieve eligibility for teacher recruitment to the given below posts:

• Primary Teachers are also known as PRTs: For Classes 1-5

• Trained Graduate Teachers are also known as TGTs: For Classes 6-8

• Post Graduate Teachers are also known as PGTs: For Classes 9-12

Candidates who are searching to come to be primary teachers for classes 1 to 5 appear for Paper 1 beneath neath the respective TET examination and applicants who need to teach classes 6 to 8 appear for Paper 2 examination. However, the TET examination and teaching post level might also additionally differ per rules prescribed by different state governments.

It can be noted here that simply qualifying for the CTET or TET examination does not assure the appointment of candidates as teachers in government School Analytics. However, when qualified, candidates only get eligible to apply for government teaching jobs. Candidates want to undergo the whole recruitment procedure of the school in which they need to get recruited.