What is ODL’s mode of study?

With the advent of technology, higher education institutions were no longer limited to traditional learning and teaching methods.

Open and Distance Learning (ODL) refers to the provision of flexible educational opportunities in terms of access and multiple modes of knowledge acquisition.

Flexible means the availability of choices for educational endeavours anywhere, anytime, however.

Access means that the opportunity is made accessible to all and freed from the constraints of time and space.

Multiple modes mean using different delivery systems and learning resources. ODL is the emerging trend for accessing quality education, lifelong learning opportunities, flexible learning arrangements, and a supportive learning environment for early school leavers, university communities, and the workforce. Students participate in online classes, School Analytics, tutorials, and self-directed online learning. While online tests and assignments allow students to instantly view grades and feedback to help them improve in their next sessions.

ODL offers a potpourri of benefits where education is transforming to become more flexible and accessible to meet the needs of 21st century students.